Mule • BOTECO Vodka Cocktail Recipes

BOTECO Cane Vodka - Mule - Lime Ginger Beer Moscow.jpg


2 oz. BOTECO Vodka
Ginger Beer
¼ Fresh Lime
1 oz. Simple Syrup

  • Add lime & simple syrup to rocks glass then muddle.
  • Add ice & BOTECO Vodka; stir thoroughly.
  • Fill with ginger beer and garnish with lime.

Our Mule may not be from Moscow, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Because BOTECO Vodka is made from sugarcane instead of potatoes or grain, its softer, more delicate flavor profile really allows this cocktail to shine. 

Flavor Profile: Crisp, tart and effervescent 
Color: Faint gold/green
Difficulty Level: Intermediate