Movers & Shakers • Alex Stiles

Alex Stiles is the woman behind Amendment 21, a unique event bartending service based out of Lexington, KY.  Usually, at weddings or events the bartender is provided by the company that is catering. By using Amendment 21 you are cutting out the middle man, you buy the alcohol and they serve it. You get to leave with anything that’s left over and you aren’t out the money you would be if the alcohol was purchased through a 3rd party.

Alex also provides consultation for what kind of drinks she thinks would be appropriate for your event. Adding a personal touch, she also enjoys creating signature cocktails, a wedding favorite.

Name: Alexandra Stiles, but I go by Alex.

Occupation: Owner /Lead Bartender of Amendment 21 Event Bartending as well as the Official Mixologist of Ale-8 One.

Location: Lexington, Kentucky


Favorite bars and restaurants in your city? 
Molly Brookes Irish Bar – where I got my start in bartending and nearly 10 years later, it’s still my home bar. It’s my “Cheers.” Alternatively, I’m obsessed with the mixology coming out of West Main Crafting Co. right now.

Favorite song at the moment? 
I’m an absolute nut about Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder’s solo stuff, but at the moment I’ve been listening to Glen Hansards “Her Mercy” on repeat AND “Curse Me Good” by The Heavy.

What made you want to create your own business? 
I have always wanted to be my own boss and make a career out of something I’ve always had a passion and talent for. I LOVE bartending and mixology but didn’t necessarily want to stay in a traditional bar setting for the rest of my career.

Photo by: Carol Crump, Lulubell Photography

Photo by: Carol Crump, Lulubell Photography

Kate McStay Photography

Kate McStay Photography

Go-to cocktail when entertaining?
Taco Tuesday ALWAYS calls for a fresh-squeezed skinny margarita! But for other nights of the week, I don’t really have a go-to. My friends and family always want to try something new when I’m making cocktails, and I’m happy to oblige. They’re often my guinea pigs on new recipes I’m trying out.

Go-to cocktail for yourself? 
Old Fashioned with Bulleit bourbon, 2 sugar cubes, 3 dashes angostura, orange peel – no cherry.

What do you love about your job? 
Creating signature cocktails for my clients. I love asking them some basic questions, crafting a cocktail based on those answers, and seeing their face when they try and love something totally new and out of their comfort zone.

What advice do you have for fellow entrepreneurs? 
Cliché as it may be. Don’t give up. There have been times when I wanted to throw in the towel, but I persisted and now booked for almost all of 2018 and into 2019. I’ve met some amazing clients and vendors along the way and made some amazing new friends. I’m so glad I stuck with it.

What would you choose as your 'last meal'? 
Anything Italian.

If you could pick anyone's brain in the business, who would you choose? 
Jerry Thomas – the father of mixology. Would love to have a cocktail with that guy.

Dream travel destination? 
The Maldives. I’ve traveled quite a bit, but still haven’t made it there.

Favorite quote? 
“Who is the happier man? He who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” – Hunter S. Thompson

Carol Crump, Lulubell Photography

Carol Crump, Lulubell Photography

Kate McStay Photography

Kate McStay Photography

To close, we have to ask... Since you are the official mixologist of Ale-8 one, what cocktail would you create with BOTECO?
I’d sub out the bourbon in my Blackberry Smash recipe for your lime vodka. YUM!!!! This sounds so good, I need to try it immediately.

- 1.5 oz. BOTECO Lime Vodka
- 1 oz. Ale-8 infused simple syrup
- 6-8 mint leaves
- 2-3 blackberries
- Ale-8
- Lime wedge (optional)

  • In a pint glass, muddle blackberries and mint leaves (and lime if desired).
  • Add lime vodka, simple syrup and ice. Transfer to a shaker and shake vigorously.
  • Pour contents into a rocks or pint glass (strain if desired) and top with Ale-8. Garnish with mint.