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Elise and Saurabh, two Brooklynites quit their jobs in tech to travel through Asia. They expected a lot of R&R, but instead their eyes were opened to a new universe of art/design, a wealth of talented artisans, and a treasure trove of cultural values that they found worthy of spreading. Ocelot Market was born. 

They set their sights on a new goal: bringing these beautiful products to the West and giving their designers a voice. Ocelot Market launched their website in February of 2018 (Cassie was their first online order!) and they have already seen great success. Their objective is to provide the best customer service while delivering a global experience connecting cultures, people and aesthetic interests everywhere. Starting with the sole.


Name:  Elise DeCamp

From: Lexington, KY

Lives: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 26

Occupation: Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Ocelot Market, an online global fashion website 

Instagram: @ocelotmarket


What made you want to start your own business?  
I always felt as if something was off in my professional life.  I worked in two different industries, and in many different roles, but was never truly satisfied. I was always working on personal projects or taking on new classes and gaining new skill sets. My most valuable assets are having the ability to quickly learn things - both creatively and strategically - and then the adaptability to put those lessons into practice immediately. I may not have always known when I would start my own business, but looking back I guess you could say it was bound to happen! 

Favorite bars and restaurants in your city?  
Woof, hardest question of all time!  My partner and I are big food people.  We could actually give you a breakdown by cuisine embarrassingly enough.  For Thai go to Nourish in Park Slope.  For Chinese go to Birds of a Feather in Williamsburg.  Healthy good stuff go to West-Bourne in SoHo or Cafe Clover in WV.  For Indian you've just got to go to Queens.  Pizza and burgers at Emily for sure.  I could keep going on this one.

Karaoke song?  
I’m a sucker for Biggie or Tupac. Not standard, just my favorites.


Your go-to cocktail when entertaining?  
Saurabh, my partner, is a big margarita guy.  I lean on the wine side (we do a subscription service).  Probably not the best answer for a vodka company!! Sorry!!!

Best music discovery as of late?  
I have listened to Rihanna Lemon 200 times today.

A culinary dish you feel you have perfected?  
I have been vegetarian for over six months now, so I have about every cauliflower rendition you could imagine down to a science.  Curry cauliflower rice in my sleep.


Favorite vodka cocktail?  
Easy.  Moscow Mule.  Any day.  Saurabh would say Martini.

Sweet or savory?  

Most embarrassing moment?  
I worked at a tech company for a while that sold software to e-commerce businesses (which really helped me prepare for Ocelot Market).  I had only been on the job for a week and came back from lunch to find one of our account executives on the phone with my mom, who also happens to be an e-commerce fashion owner.  For thirty minutes the entire floor had been listening to her tell one of my superiors about how what a hard worker I was.  She said she had called wanting to know more about the software.  I was so embarrassed!

Favorite travel destination?  
Together our favorite place would have to be Vietnam, second to Thailand.  But I head to Morocco on Monday, so that could change!

Snapseed 2-2.jpg

Best advice you’ve ever been given?  
"Don't quit".  Growing up I was not allowed to quit anything.  Following through on commitments and seeing things through was of utmost importance.  Whether I like it or not, it stuck with me.

Currently watching?  
John Oliver is back and we couldn't be happier!

First job? 
I think the first job I ever had was teaching tennis!  I have really disliked a lot of jobs but it's hard to pick the worst! Haha.

Favorite Podcast?  
For years it had been "How I Built This" (I think I’ve listened to every episode), but it’s recently been beat out by HVMN Enhancement and Mind Body Green as I sink deeper and deeper into the health and wellness world!


Advice for fellow entrepreneurs?  
Believe in yourself!  Socialize, widen your circle, and talk about projects and concepts with as many people as you can.  Ask for help!  Manage your time wisely but do not run yourself into the ground.

Favorite quote?  
"Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending" - Drake.  Haha don't know if that’s all-time favorite but it’s pretty great.

All photos and information courtesy of Ocelot Market.

All photos and information courtesy of Ocelot Market.