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Focused on quality, transparency and sustainability, BOTECO connects smart palates to honestly priced ultra-premium vodka by putting its liquid before label.

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Brazilian Cane

No corn. No potatoes. No wheat. Distilled from 100% Brazilian sugarcane.


Sugarcane was introduced to Brazil as an agricultural commodity five centuries ago when the country was a colony of Portugal. At the time, sugarcane was nearly as valuable as gold and Portugal was one of the few countries with the resources needed to explore new lands for its cultivation. Today, Brazil has the largest population of Portuguese speakers in the world. While it’s important to acknowledge the many ways in which Portugal’s colonization of Brazil was tragic and exploitative, sugarcane remains an important touchstone of Brazilian culture and pride to this day.

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All Natural

No artificial flavors or additives. If it isn’t found in nature, it isn’t found in your bottle.


Another factor is impurities. Though most of these are removed during distillation and filtration, small amounts often remain. Lower quality vodkas contain higher levels of these impurities (which include methanol, propanol and acetaldehyde) that negatively affect flavor smoothness. You won’t find these in BOTECO.

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Gluten Free Vodka

Naturally gluten free ingredients, naturally gluten free vodka.


While the distillation process eliminates most gluten proteins, regardless of the spirit being produced, some of those proteins can still survive or be reintroduced through post production cross contamination. Because BOTECO Vodka is distilled from 100% naturally gluten free Brazilian sugarcane, it remains gluten free from farm to bottle.


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Honest Price

Our vodka puts liquid before label, because you should pay for what’s inside the bottle, not what’s on it.


When brands choose to invest in their image more than the quality of their craft, it suggests that it’s appropriate to expect people to purchase inferior products with inflated price tags. We believe that’s disrespectful and dishonest. By prioritizing quality and taste over flashy bottles and celebrity endorsements, BOTECO is able to give people an ultra-premium vodka for a price that is fair and honest.

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Clear Focus

We aim to earn your trust, respect and loyalty by crafting spirits that prioritize your desires over those of the brand.


Our aim is to do one thing and one thing only: connect discerning palates to honestly priced, ultra-premium vodka by putting the quality of our liquid over the visibility of our label. You don’t choose vodka brands based on their ability to convey status or define the content of your character, you choose them based on their merits and the drinking experience they provide. For us, focusing on anything more than creating the highest quality vodka would demonstrate a self-flattering sense of importance and compromise our ability deliver the best possible product.

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No Clutter

No distractions, no misdirection, no bullshit….just one of the world’s best tasting vodkas.


As Miles Davis once suggested, the notes you don’t play are sometimes more important than the notes you do. In other words, more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, adding more to something often indicates an attempt to conceal or mask unpleasant traits or qualities. BOTECO Vodka has nothing to hide and we strive to eliminate excess - excessive production, excessive packaging, excessive marketing - from our expressions so that people can experience our vodka without distraction or pretext.


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Minimal Packaging

Packaging is costly for you and the environment, so we use as little as possible to minimize our impact on both.


The more resources required to produce a product, the more costly that product becomes. And those costs aren’t limited to the price you pay at the counter; there are environmental and social costs as well. By minimizing the amount of material required to produce each bottle of BOTECO Vodka, we are not only able to reduce the shelf price of each bottle, but the costs incurred by other, equally important things, like the environment.

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Eco-Friendly Ingredients

Sugarcane is one of the world’s most sustainable crops and compared to corn, produces twice as much vodka per acre.


Not all agricultural commodities are created equal. Some require massive amount of water, while others have very large footprints and need endless acres of land. As a member of the grass family, sugarcane is an extremely hardy crop that isn’t nearly as resource intensive as many of its counterparts. Because of this, BOTECO Vodka is able to produce more product with fewer resources, which is good for everyone.

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Eco-Friendly Materials

Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper and our bottles use 40% less glass.


By only using materials that have been - or can be - recycled, BOTECO Vodka demonstrates its commitment to reducing the impact that the brand has on the environment and the activities that contribute to climate change. On top of that, the material that we do use is used sparingly and with great care. We view this as a win for everyone, regardless of their position on issues related to environmental responsibility, because prioritizing sustainability allows us to minimize our impact on the environment, as well as reduce the price people pay for our vodkas.